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Decision on the Appointment of Members of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments


The Commission Secretariat

Commission to Preserve National Monuments granted Charter for its contribution to the preservation and renovation of the cultural and historical heritage

Zeynep Ahunbay

Zeynep Ahunbay Gained her doctorate in 1976 on the subject of seventeenth century Ottoman architecture. Works as a professor of the history of architecture and architectural preservation at the Faculty of Architecture in Istanbul, where she also teaches courses on the history of preservation and practical conservation to graduates and post-graduates. She has led many projects as an expert in Ottoman architecture and preservation. She is currently working on the restoration of the Zeyrek mosque and the conservation of Aya Sophia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina she led the projects to rehabilitate the Nezira-aga and Sevri hadži Hasan mosques in Mostar. She has worked on the documentation for the project to restore and reconstruct the mosque and kapetan’s house in Počitelje, the hammam in Mostar, and the Tabačica mosque in Mostar. She has published numerous books and professional and academic papers.

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