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Decision on the Appointment of Members of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments


The Commission Secretariat

Commission to Preserve National Monuments granted Charter for its contribution to the preservation and renovation of the cultural and historical heritage

The Commission Secretariat



In accordance with Article III Annex 8 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Article 6 of the BiH Presidency Decision on the Commission to Preserve National Monuments (Official Gazette of BiH, nos. 1/02 and 10/02), expert and administrative work for the Commission is performed by the Commission Secretariat, composed of qualified and competent personnel. Internal organisation and structure of the Commission Secretariat is established by the Rules of Procedure on Internal Organisation of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, which the Commission adopted at the 2nd session held from 07 to 11 May 2002, and which the BiH Presidency validated by its approval no. 01-1371-11/02 of 14.06.2002.


In accordance with the Rules of Procedure on the internal organisation of the Commission, the Commission Secretariat is formed as follows:


-          Executive official (higher education),

-          Assistant to executive official (higher education),

-          Associate for archaeology (higher education),

-          Associate for movable heritage (higher education),

-          Associates for monuments of the architectural heritage – 2 positions (higher education),

-          Associates for architectural heritage ensembles and cultural landscapes – 3 positions (higher education),

-          Associate for legal issues (higher education),

-          Associate for technical coordination (higher education),

-          Associate for finances (secondary school),

-          Driver-delivery-logistics (secondary school).


Executive official manages and organises work of the Secretariat.


Executive official and the Commission officials are employees of the Commission. All the above-mentioned posts are filled by means of public vacancy announcement.

Executive official - Mirzah Fočo (07.12.1965) architect - conservator

He finished his master (Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 2012. He graduated from the same Faculty in 1991. He has 20 year's experience in heritage protection, and for the past 7 years has held the post of executive officer assistant for the heritage (chief of Heritage Department) of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, a state institution which received the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra for Dedicated Service in 2010 and the Charter of the Ministry of Culture and Sport for its contribution to the preservation and restoration of Bosnia's cultural heritage in 2004. He was participant of prestigious USA State Department - International Visitor Leadership Programm. He was scholar of the UNESCO courses for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties, Courses organized by Blue Shield, CHwB - Sweden, University in Trieste, Ministry for the Culture of Republic of Italy, Ministry of Culture of Egypt, Government of Turkey, S.P.A.B. – England, Council of Europe etc. He serves as a member of a team for drafting nomination files and management plans for cultural heritage sites nominated for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. He has worked on numerous projects for the conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage, is the author of papers on the preservation and management of the built heritage.He serves as a regional expert for cultural heritage of the Council of Europe and the Regional Cooperation Council task Force on Culture and Society (RCCTFCS) for Ljubljana Process.




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