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Commission to Preserve National Monuments granted Charter for its contribution to the preservation and renovation of the cultural and historical heritage

Горан Милојевић

Goran Milojevic (born on 16 August 1960 in Banja Luka), an architect, graduated from the Architectural Faculty in Sarajevo, in February 1985.
During the past seven years, he worked on the projects related to the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage.
As a part of his professional activity, in his practice so far, he worked as a designer of architectural objects, dealt with the interior design and furnishing, taught in the vocational school. He made a number of visual identity solutions and worked as an expert of the architectural profession. Also, he worked on realization of several significant international projects and programs.
He was awarded at competitions in the field of architecture and graphic design. He participated in numerous scientific and professional gatherings.
He also performed the following duties: director of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of Republic of Srpska (2008 - 2013), delegate (member of the collegium) of the House of Peoples of Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (2003-2007 - in the same period he was also a delegate from BiH in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe), director of the Housing Fund of Republic of Srpska (2002), deputy minister at the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska (2001).

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