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Sastanak Evropske mreže naslijeđa HEREIN

Strasbourg, Francuska, od 22.11. do 23.11.2007. godine


U periodu od 22.11. do 23.11.2007. godine održan je Sedmi Godišnji sastnak nacionalnih korespondenata Evropske mreže naslijeđa (Strasbourg, Francuska).


Na sastanku su prezentovani rezultati dosadašnjeg rada mreže, prespektive i vizije za naredni period te izgled novog upitnika. Također se raspravljalo o prioritetima mreže u 2008. godini i o radnoj verziji „Agreement „ (dogovora).

Sastanku su ispred Komisije prisustvovali Dino Zulumović i Amra Šarančić.



7th Annual meeting of the

National correspondents of the

European Heritage Network

Strasbourg, 22-23 November 2007



21 December 2007                                                                                                         CDPAT (2007) 43




A number of priorities were identified for the period December to Summer 2008 leading up to the next meeting of the Correspondents. The central issues are: maintain, consolidate, stabilise and value.


1. Updating National Reports


The top priority is to ensure that those national reports yet to be updated are completed and sent to the Secretariat in time for the Cultural Heritage Steering Committee meeting in late April.  In order to facilitate this process, correspondents unable to master the XML system now have the option of sending their updates in ‘Word’ and the Secretariat will ensure that they are converted to XML in Strasbourg.


The need to simplify the technical aspects of updating data will be taken into account in the ongoing developments of HEREIN in order to ease the correspondents’ work load.


It was recognised that the reliability of the entire HEREIN system is based on the update of national reports.


2. Work on Convention Monitoring and HEREIN 3


• The team of experts presented an update on the working group’s progress on the monitoring of the Valetta Convention for Archaeological Heritage. This work is a pilot study designed to strengthen convention monitoring, specifically through the development of HEREIN 3. The experience of the group in the pilot countries (Romania, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Belgium) has provided not only an opportunity for an exchange of information at a European level, but also the opportunity for individual countries to reflect on their own strategies. 


• In parallel to these achievements concerning the Monitoring of the Valetta Convention, the Secretariat will continue to implement Herein 3 with the assistance of the Council of Europe’s Information Technology Department; identifying partner organisations and investigating the possibility of preparing a tender document for future work. 


• A preliminary note on the themes specific to the Granada Convention on Architectural Heritage will be prepared in order to present a proposal to the Steering Committee on Cultural Heritage (CDPAT) in Spring 2008.


3. Maintenance and stabilisation of the system


The hosting of the HEREIN server, generously provided by Slovenia in recent years, will be transferred to the Council of Europe. This will take place over the Spring 2008.


The Council of Europe’s IT Department will guarantee the server’s maintenance and provide a technological support role. The medium-term aim is to share costs with the monitoring of all of the Council of Europe’s conventions. In the coming months, contact with T Media and the IT Department will be maintained in order to gather the documentation necessary for the site’s future development.


4. Agreements on the structure of the network


An agreement between the network members and the Council of Europe remains necessary for improving  the effectiveness of the HEREIN network and therefore the implementation of the organisation’s Heritage Conventions. This agreement could be made in the context of the implementation of HEREIN 3. It is hoped that it will be in place by next meeting of the National Correspondents in 2008.


5. Thesaurus


The thesaurus activities, of real interest to many member states, will be financed through voluntary contributions (Thesaurus 1.0 will be 100% operational by late March 2008 when the information from a total of 13 countries should be live).


6. Relationship with the Compendium on Cultural Policy


The 2008 intergovernmental work plan includes a structured dialogue with the Council of Europe’s project ‘The Compendium on Cultural Policies’ in order to develop the Directorate’s observatory role.


7. Work Plan January - July 2008


An emergency team has been formed for this period with the arrival of a new staff member Sarah Wolferstan, who will work together with Christian Meyer and Alison Cardwell on the development of the convention monitoring project. The road map developed by the team will be based on the priorities put forward during the meeting. The action plan will include:


• Updating the reports (Sarah Wolferstan will ensure that regular contacts is made with the correspondents);

• To analyse the data collected from the field work conducted during the pilot studies on the monitoring of the Valetta Convention in order to develop the final contents of HEREIN 3;

• Ensure the transfer of the transfer and maintenance of the server  to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg;

• Technical preparation for HEREIN 3 with the assistance of the Council of Europe’s IT Department (it is underlined that HEREIN 3 is not a different system to HEREIN 2, but a natural evolution of the project).


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