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13th seminar, Archives, Libraries, Museums: Possibilities for Cooperation in an Environment of Global Information Infrastructure, “Return to the Future: Revenge of Standards”

Croatia, Rovinj, 25-27 November 2009


              13th seminar, Archives, Libraries, Museums: Possibilities for Cooperation in an Environment of Global Information Infrastructure, “Return to the Future: Revenge of Standards”, held between 15 and 27 November in Rovinj. The seminar was organised by the Croatian Library Association, the Croatian Museum Association and the Croatian Archival Society. Representatives of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the seminar. As Representative of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments was Almedina Salihagić, librarian of the Commission.


A three-day programme of the seminar included various topics from the sphere of library and information sciences. During lectures, discussions and poster presentations different experiences were presented concerning digitalisation of holdings, setting of standards, cooperation between similar institutions, drawing up of a cataloguing code, setting of archival norms, processing and safe-keeping of documentation photographs, etc. It was emphasised that the countries in the region need to harmonise their library, archival and museum standards with the European standards and recommendations provided by IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations). Thus the requirements would be met for including digitalised holdings (after reaching of a critical mass) from these countries into the Europeana as cultural heritage. It is a global European centre that registers (makes inventories of) digitalised holdings from certain countries, which together form the heritage of the European Union. A large digital information space is under construction, which makes it possible for the holdings to remain in their countries of origin. It also enables digital connection with the institutions safe-keeping the holdings.


The entire three-days-long work was very substantial and it identified a number of problems and difficulties that come along with the activities of these institutions. This particularly relates to the development of strategies in this field of work, overlapping of digitalised holdings, harmonisation of standards, level of equipment in the institutions, lack of human resources, etc. It was observed that the countries in the region have reached different levels of development in this field.


The Croatian ARCHINET was important topic, discussing new International Standards for Describing Institutions with Archival Holdings (ISDIAH) and the General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD(G)). This is very important for the Commission, since it is an institution with archival holdings and since, through its activities, it also creates them.


With colleagues from Croatia and Slovenia representative of the Commission exchanged experiences in digitalisation of holdings, cooperation between heritage protection institutions, etc. During a free discussion representative of the Commission shortly presented the activities of the Library and Documentation Centre of the Commission.


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