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Workshop: Cultural heritage and local economic development in the western Balkans

Organised by the World Bank and held in Budva on 8, 9 and 10 December 2008



With the support of the Italian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the World Bank made a study on the potential that cultural heritage has for the promotion of local economic development in selected Balkan countries. The purpose of this study is to identify and analyse several sites that may illustrate how current and potential efforts can support cultural properties as starting points for economic development. The analysis included an overview of the institutional, technical and economic aspects that need to be dealt with in order to make economic gain and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Balkan countries. The study attempts to include the current efforts of governmental and foreign donors to promote the conservation and development of the cultural heritage and offers a framework for starting activities that would help each country make progress within the initiative and in agreement. The report identifies four main themes or mechanisms that require special attention in order to achieve the final goal, and that is to make cultural heritage both a source of pride and identity, and a magnet for economic development.


Orjana Lenasi, associate for architectural heritage ensembles and cultural landscapes, and Slobodanka NikoliŠ, associate for movable heritage, took part in the mentioned workshop as representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activities were divided into two sessions:

1. Day One:

a. Introductory speeches and explanations about the reporting methodology,

b. Presentation and discussions of survey results - reports,

c. Presentation of the examples of good practice during implementation;

2. Day Two:

a. Analysis of reports,

b. Group work on given topics concerning the individual aspects of the role of cultural and historical heritage in local economic development,

c. Presentation of recommendations, which were results of the group work, and

d. Final discussions.


The representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia took part in the activities carried out during the two workshop sessions. Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in both sessions and in the group work.


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