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Training course in mosaic conservation

Belgrade, from 28 October to 7 November 2008


Lectures on the theory of mosaic conservation were given on the premises of the National Museum in Belgrade between 27 October and 7 November 2008. The course was organised by the Central Institute for Restoration in Rome, the National Museum in Belgrade and the National Museum in Zaječar, with the support by the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Serbia and the Italian Cooperation in Belgrade. Silvana Čobanov, associate for archaeology, took part in a training course.

Course description: Conservation and restoration treatments applied on dislocated mosaics and the problems of removing old layers in previously conserved mosaics, different mosaic making techniques (ranging from the antique to modern techniques) and the influence of the structural elements and making techniques upon mosaic preservation. The topics concerning different conservation methodologies for mosaics in situ and dislocated mosaics, the issue of regular maintenance of mosaics and the inclusion of regular maintenance programmes into management plans for archaeological sites will be discussed in case studies.

Lecturers: Italian experts with great experience in mosaic conservation.



(Week 5): Theory lectures – structural elements of mosaics and making techniques with reference to their influence upon preservation.

(Week 6): Theory lectures – conservation methodologies. Presentation of different methodologies for conservation treatments through case studies. Techniques for the conservation and maintenance of mosaics in situ and dislocated mosaics. Mosaic maintenance programmes with a parallel overview of maintenance costs.





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