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Scientific meeting „The Days of Cvito Fiskovic“

Orebic, Korcula, 17 September – 20 September 2008



This has been the eleventh year since the Scientific Meeting of art historians named “The Days of Cvito Fiskovic” has been taking place in Orebic, the birth town of this respectable academician.  The goal of this meeting is to throw light upon new perceptions of the profession and to be a place of exchange of the experiences about the topics and problems of the methodology of the history of art. On the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of birth of Cvito Fiskovic, the topic of this year’s meeting was “Art and its Clients”. During full-day sessions a board of lecturers comprising art historians, conservators, restorers and architects endeavoured to address and point to the exceptional importance and role of a client in the process of the emergence of a work of art from a number of viewpoints, regardless of whether it comes to an iconographic programme, topic selection, ideological positions of the clients, social, economic, communal or historical circumstances under which the work of art comes into being.

Aleksandra Buncic, associate for movable heritage, took part in the scientific meeting by giving a presentation with the topic “The Sarajevo Haggada and its Clients”. A great interest of the participants in the topic can be justified by the fact that it was the only topic addressing a valuable monument of the Jewish culture and tradition, as well as the artistic quality of the book.

The presentation was divided into four parts:

1. About the history of the Haggada; the basic characteristics of the Haggada

2. The Sarajevo Haggada, general information about the manuscript

3. The clients of the Sarajevo Haggada

4. Reconstruction of the travelling of the Sarajevo Haggada from Spain, through Italy, Dubrovnik or Split to Sarajevo; the change of owners over centuries.

The presentation was accepted very well.




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