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“Conservation and Management of Historic Buildings”

Lund, Sweden, between 28 April and 16 May 2008


An international course in conservation and management of historical buildings, organised by SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and HDM (Housing Development & Management) was held between 28 April and 16 May 2008. The Course was organised at the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Lund, Sweden.


The course was based on an overview of the current developments in the sphere of conservation of built heritage, perspectives of the cultural heritage, history of conservation and modern approaches, values and valorisations of structures and architectural ensembles, and on preparation of restoration programmes, maintenance and conservation plans.


The Course was split into four phases.

• Phase One was the identification and preliminary study of a structure that each Course attendant had selected in his/her country. The selected structure is a case study worked on during the entire course.

• Phase Two of the Course were lectures organised in Lund, Sweden.

• Phase Three is work on the selected structure aimed at the preparation of conservation, maintenance and management plans.

• Phase Four of the Course will be the completion of work on the selected project and it has been planned for November.


There were 30 Course attendants from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. Lejla Hadzic from the Cultural Heritage without Borders and Amra Sarancic from the Commission represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Course.


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