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9th instructive seminar of the network “www.biblioteke.net”

Libraries as e-points (Master class according to programme by Rob Davies)

Kovačica, Serbia, 21-23 April 2009


Organizer: Internet club and regional library network Futura Library

Participants: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia,    Slovenia and Austria.


Topics of the seminar:

·         Establishing better cooperation between libraries in South-East Europe;

·         Connecting all libraries to the European network known as Europeiana;

·         Digitalization of existing holdings in libraries and methods for making them available to users;

·         Electronic services, new library offer;

·         Implementation of E-models in practice.


The Commission to Preserve National Monuments was represented by Almedina Salihagić, who presented the operations of the Commission’s library and documentary centre.

I showed all aspects of the documented heritage through different media (presentations, posters, photographs, films, promotional materials, etc.) and through different library holdings. I paid special attention to the importance of the library-documentation centre as the centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s heritage,where all relevant materials on individual properties/ monuments are collected and kept. I presented the possibilities and the importance of the library and documentation centre through the following:

·         Digitalization of the holdings (serial publications, maps, digital materials, collection of newspapers and periodicals, photo-documentation, etc.);

·         Availability of information on monuments on the web site;

·         Documenting of the heritage by compiling an archive/register of monuments, nominations and annuals of the Commission;

·         Popularization of knowledge about the heritage through promotional materials (catalogues, public announcements, maps, monument marking, etc.) and through children’s art works kept in the library;

·         Availability of the library to scientific workers, students and other users who deal with heritage;

·         Digitalization of the heritage by developing a database covering all aspects of documentation;

·         Processing of library and documentation materials according to library operation standards;

·         Dissemination of information on the heritage through articles from the annual in the CEEOL database;

·         Continuous and systematic inflow of materials on the heritage.



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