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          ARCHEOSITES spAtial integRated enhanCement of arcHaEOlogical SITES is the title of a project for which application has been made for aid as part of the CADSES interreg III B programme. This is a project to be submitted to the relevant organization for the operational CADSES programme Central Adriatic Danubian and South-Eastern European Space, for co-funding from the European Community as part of the Interreg IIIB initiative.

            The main objective of the project is to promote and present the diffusion of an integrated approach as part of a policy of increasing the cultural heritage of the CADSES area and, within that, to create links between archaeological resources and territories, or between them and the local economy.

The project was launched on the initiative of Italian regional and local actors (the provinces of Molise and Marche, and Terni municipality) aimed at enhancing knowledge of the usability and management of archaeological sites.  These goals can be achieved by exchanges of experience and the exploitation of the potential manifested in the successful international cooperative activities achieved by Federculture and iMed (the Mediterranean Institute).

            The project sponsors are Italy and Germany, and the project leaders are representatives of the Italian province of Molisa.  The project has been drawn up and developed by the Italian institutions of Federculture and iMED (Mediterranean Institute).  In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the non-EU countries taking part in the project are Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro, and Romania.

            In late March the Commission to Preserve National Monuments confirmed its participation in the ARCHEOSITES project by putting forward the historic site of Stolac old fort.  On 17 June 2003 the ARCHEOSITES project was submitted to the second round of the European Union Interreg IIIB CADSES programme.





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