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The first meeting of the Steering Committee of the Archeosites Project

Rome, 15 October 2004


The meeting was hosted by Molise Region.


The representative of the Commission authorized by the Chair of the Commission to sign and participate in the first meeting of the Managerial Board was Jasna Burnazović, associate for archaeology.


Prior to the opening of the meeting, the representative of the Commission, at the asking representatives of the Federculture from Rome, presented the photographs of the historical area of the Old Town of Stolac, gave a brief description of the current condition of the site, and draw attention to main problems the Old Town faces now.


Following the adoption of the agenda, “The Common Convention between the Partners” was signed.


The subject of discussion was selection of the representative for the Scientific Committee. Having in mind the complexity of the tasks, the attention was drawn to the need of selection of a candidate as per the Project directives set by the Federculture from Rome. The final Decision on selection will be adopted at the session of the Managerial Board.


Project directives will be set by Federculture from Rome.


Concerning the selection of the candidate to perform the tasks in the Operative Team, explanation was given to the effect that those are the candidates to operate within their LP’s authorities. Main tasks include day-to-day following of project activities, pertaining to costs (budget), day-to-day contacts with all LPs, scheduling activities, seminars and similar.


All LPs are bound to deliver a draft budget.


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