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            The exhibition consisted of a video presentation and display panels of national monuments and heritage at risk with photographs and text with basic information about monument. Until now, the exhibition was on display in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Jajce, Mostar, Bužim, Barcelona(Spain), Brčko, Tuzla, Belgrade(Serbia and Montenegro).  


Belgrade, Ethnographic Museum, from 16 to28 February 2005


            The exhibition was set up in Belgrade, under the auspices of the Commission, the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Serbia & Montenegro. The exhibition was opened by:

-          Director of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade – Velibor Stojaković,

-          Minister of Culture of Serbia – Dragan Kojadinović,

-          Ambassador of Bosne i Hercegovine in Serbia and Montenegro – Tomislav Leko

-          Chair of the Commission – Amra Hadžimuhamedović

            After the opening of the exhibition, the press conference was held.






            To mark the 50th anniversary of the European Cultural Convention, the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, in association with the Council of Europe and Tuzla Municipality, held the exhibition in the International Portrait Gallery in Tuzla from 19 December 2004 to 10 January 2005.  The opening of the exhibition included a performance by the Pontanima inter -religious choir from Sarajevo.

            The exhibition was opened by Jasmin Imamović, major of municipality and Ćazim Sarajlić, Director of International Portrait Gallery, Esad Maglić, representative of Council of Europe Biro in Sarajevo and Amra Hadžimuhamedović, chairperson of the Commission.






The exhibition was set up in the Youth Centre (the former barracks grounds) from 06 till 20 November 2004.

The exhibition was opened on 06 November 2004, at 19.30. The exhibition was officially opened by Susan R. Johnson, Supervisor of the Brčko District, and Branko Damjanac, the Mayor of the Brčko District.

Photos from Brčko


Second World Urban Forum in

from 13 to 17 September 2004


            The Wold Urban Forum was organized within the UN Programme for Development of Settlements (UN-HABITAT), and made a part of the Universal Forum of Cultures, which was hosted by the City of Barcelona this year. The main objective of the Forum was promotion of communication and its influence over the development of settlements. The greatest interest of the Forum was in three central themes: cultural diversity, sustainable development and a culture of peace. 

            The representatives of the Commission actively participated in the World Exhibition within the Forum. The Commission presented part of its Exibition through 36 exhibition boards, multimedia presentation and display material.


Exhibition “Cultural Memory - A Vanishing Treasure” were on display in Bužim, in building of Municipality, from 6th till 15th August.

The exhibition was opened by Jasmin Emrić, mayor of municipality and Sead Nanić.


Photos from Bužim


As a part of the European Heritage Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Mostar were on display exhibition “Cultural Memory - A Vanishing Treasure” from 13th of July until 19th of July 2004 in Center for Culture Mostar. Round table were held right before the exhibition, with a start at 5 pm, in organization of the IRCICA, as a part of Workshop MOSTAR 2004, with focus on research, preservation, promotion and development of authentic Bosnia and Herzegovina values. Amir Pašić, Program Coordinator and Dubravko Lovrenović, Chairman of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments opened the exhibition.

Ÿ       Workshop MOSTAR 2004  




 The exhibition was set up in Cultural Center Stjepan Tomašević from 14 June 2004. The exhibition was opened by Ramiz Mehmedagić, Federal Minister of the Physical Planning and Environment.


Photos from Jajce


Banja Luka


The exhibition was set up in Museum of Republika Srpska, from 4 till 17 May 2004.


The exhibition was opened by Ljuban Bajić, director of the Museum of Republika Srpska, Branko Dokić, Minister of traffic and communication in Council of Ministries of Bosnia and Herzegovina,  and Dubravko Lovrenović, Chairman of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments.


Photos from Banja Luka




The exhibition was set up in the Police Centre from 21 February to 18 March 2004, in association with the International Peace Center, as part of the 20th jubilee of the International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2004. The Commission's intention was to draw the attention of the public to the importance of protecting and preserving the cultural heritage by means of organized visits by educational and cultural institutions.  To this end, all the entity and cantonal ministries responsible for education and culture were notified, and press releases were issued to all the media in BiH.


The exhibition was opened by Sulejman Tihić, member of the Presidency of BiH, and speeches were given by Ljiljana Ševo, chair of the Commission, and Ibrahim Spahić, director of the International Peace Center.


 The images shown at the exhibition are certainly not what one would wish to see.   There were photographs of the collapsed ramparts of mediaeval fortresses, late antique monuments overgrown with weeds, marble tombstones decorated in relief hidden by industrial edifices, the once proudly erect but now fallen minarets and elegant domes of mosques, the slender arches of bridges of rare beauty and dignity on piers so eroded that they can no longer bear their weight, the sad faces of saints on fragments of frescoes beneath churches destroyed by dynamite.

But we are also faced with a reality that, fortunately, could be different.

 We are faced with a vanishing treasury – but it does not necessarily have to disappear.


The Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the assistance of the International Peace Center, mounted this exhibition with just one aim – to remind us all that it is possible to change for the better the sad destiny of the cultural and historical heritage.


This country in which we live has a decades-long rich experience of protection of the cultural heritage.  There are teams of experts qualified to carry out state-of-the-art protection measures.  There is legislation in force that specifically defines the responsibilities and jurisdiction for heritage protection and rescue of the authorities at all levels.


The system has already shown that it has authority, competence and effectiveness.  We are seeing the renovation of Počitelj, Podmilačje, Mostar, the Žitomislić monastery.  The wall paintings in Zavala and Dobrićevo are regaining their former glory.


We are being helped in this by all those who are aware of the manifold importance of the heritage, the inseparable bond between the signs of the past and the meaning of the future we aspire to.


It is our sincere hope that by raising awareness of the extent to which cultural properties are at risk, this exhibition will result in increased efforts to protect and renovate them.


We believe that in the not so distant future we shall be attending the opening ceremony of an exhibition at which the inestimably valuable wealth of our monuments will once again be revealed in all their ineffable abundance, restored and rescued for the future. 

Ljiljana Ševo



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