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Second Mediterranean Fair for the Restoration and Conservation

of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage


Catania, Italy, 7 to 11 May 2003




Exhibitors from France, Cyprus, Tunisia, and Palestine took part in the fair, along with the largest exhibitor, the host country Italy.  Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented by PCU Mostar as well as by the Commission to Preserve National Monuments.


The basic topics of the fair were the presentation of current work on the protection of the cultural heritage, state-of-the-art achievements in the practical application of new materials in the process of protection, the presentation of current papers dealing with these issues, the tourist promotion of heritage monuments, methods used for the active protection of monuments in individual states and regions.


In addition to the exhibits, lectures and seminars on these topics were also held.  The Commission’s representatives Slobodanka Lalić, qualified staff member for the movable heritage, and Orjana Mujkić, qualified staff member for architectural ensembles and cultural landscapes, attended some of the lectures, one of which was the presentation by PCU Mostar on the rehabilitation project of the Old Bridge in Mostar.


The Commission showed posters at the fair of some of the national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with particular emphasis on endangered monuments in BiH.  Other publicity material was also used to present the Commission's work: catalogues, stickers and so on.  The Commission gave two presentations during the fair: one on the work of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, and the other on the Campaign to Protect the Endangered Heritage.



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