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Sarajevo, October 21st, 2014

Commission to Preserve National Monuments in cooperation with the National Museum marked the International Archaeology Day

International Archeology Day is a celebration of archeology as a science, and archeological discoveries. During the month of October, Archeological Institute of America (AIA) and organizations across the United States, Canada and other countries in the world, organize various events to promote the importance of the protection, conservation and representation of archeological sites and findings.

In order to mark this international day, the Commission to Preserve National Monuments in cooperation with the National Museum, organized lectures and multimedia exhibition on the theme of archeological heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lectures and the exhibition were held in the National Museum on Tuesday, October 21st 2014.

The event was attended by students of the University of Sarajevo who are expected to work on planning, management, protection and conservation of archeological sites as a part of their professional carriers.

Lecture about the importance of archeological heritage in the world, in the light of nomination of stećak tombstones for inscription on the World Heritage List, was held by Dubravko Lovrenović, PhD, the chairman of the Commission, while the lecture and a tour of Archeological Collection of National Museum were hosted by Mirsad Sijarić, PhD, head of Department of Archeology of the National Museum.

After the lectures, students had an opportunity to see the exhibition of panels of national monuments - archeological heritage and multimedia presentation on the archeological heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments has so far designated 772 cultural properties as national monuments, out of which 241 monuments of archeological heritage. The largest number of monuments consists of 136 necropolis with stećak tombstones, 10 sites with late antique basilicas, whereas 40 national monuments are old towns.

Some of the most famous archeological sites known to the public, which have been designated as national monuments are:
• Neolithic site in Butmir, near Sarajevo
• Prehistoric settlement in Donja Dolina
• Lake-dwelling settlement in Ripač near Bihać
• Neolithic settlement in Okolište
• Castrum in Makljenovac near Doboj
• Hellenistic town of Daorson near Stolac
• Roman villa in Višići
• Obre II
• Zelena pećina in Blagaj
• Basilica in Cim
• Antique site in Skelani
• Necropolis of stećci at Radimlja near Stolac
• Mogorjelo near Čapljina.

Archeology in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a science with a long tradition. Even at the time of the Ottoman Empire, it was searched for antiques, but more significant and in the public more presented archeological findings have awaited arrival of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as founding of the most significant museum institution in BiH in 1888 – National Museum, where all results of archeological, natural and ethnological investigations are located and presented.
Due to the volume and importance of scientific activities the National Museum dealt with, in 1913 it has been placed into the first building complex in southeast Europe, which was built purposely for the museum activities. Since then until today, the importance of the National Museum is evident in each segment of the work on preservation of national heritage, throughout the rich collections and results of scientific and research work.

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