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The Mehmed-pasha Sokolović Bridge - A meeting held in the premises of TIKA (Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency)

Sarajevo, 10 December 2009.


On 10 December 2009 a meeting was held in the premises of the TIKA Agency in Sarajevo, with the following attendants: Nevzat Yesiler, Director of TIKA for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ljiljana Ševo, Chairperson of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, Tarik Jazvin, a staff member of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, and Tomislav Popović, Head of the Municipality of Višegrad. The topic of the meeting was delivery of the project of restoration of the Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic Bridge, prepared by the company A Proje from Ancara.

Nevzat Yesiler stated the cost of the project is 150.000 $, of which 75 000 $ has already been paid, and the rest of the sum will be paid upon obtaining the permits required to carry out the works. He reminded of the obligations of the signatories of the Protocol of Cooperation, by which the Commission is tasked to ensure obtaining all the permits necessary to carry out the projects, and the Municipality of Višegrad is tasked to provide the necessary quantity of stone and dislocate the telephone and water supply fittings. It was said that the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Bosnia and Herzegovina was at that time at a meeting with the President of the Government of the Republika Srpska, and would touch upon the issues pertaining to this project as well. Nevzat Yesiler informed Ljiljana Ševo about the intention to sign the Protocol of Cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska, with the existing Protocol among TIKA, Commission to Preserve national Monuments and Municipality of Višegrad to remaining effective.

Tomislav Popović confirmed that the Municipality of Višegrad will dislocate the telephone and water supply fittings and added that two quarry sites had already been proposed, with the capacities that would be adequate for the planned works. In addition, the Municipality of Višegrad assumed the obligation to submit the restoration project to the relevant institutions in the Government of the Republika Srpska.

Ljiljana Ševo underlined the readiness of the Commission to fulfill its part of the obligations assumed, and stated to urge the relevant institutions responsible to ensure all necessary permits for carrying out the project. The representatives of TIKA delivered a copy of the project to the Commission, and 4 copies to the Municipality of Višegrad. The restoration of the bridge is expected to begin in June 2010.

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