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Meeting with the non-governmental and international organizations related to the integration of the cultural-historical heritage into the sustainable development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and strengthening of the role of the NGOs


The meeting was held on 06 September 2006 at 14:00 hours in the building of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting was attended by the members of the Commission and its staff, and the representatives of: the Mission of OSCE in BiH; Swedish Organization – SIDA; The British Council in BiH; UNDP; USAID CCA; the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism; Vareš Municipality;  Public Association of the Centre for Culture and Information in Srebrenik; Society for Protection of the Cultural and Historic Heritage from Donji Vakuf; Konjic Municipality; Organization “Kupreška visoravan” (“the Kupreška Plateau”); Ecological Association “Izvor” (“Spring”) from Kiseljak; Association of Citizens - Free Tradesmen “Privrednik” (“Tradesman”) from Stolac; Association “Troya” from Stolac; Association for Preservation of the Natural and Civilization Heritage “Sinan-pasha Sijerčić” from Goražde; Public Association for Culture from Goražde; Foundation “Mozaik” (“Mosaic”) from Sarajevo; Riding club from Banja Luka;  Ecological Association “Stari hrast” (“Old Oak”) from Travnik; the Society for Protection of the Cultural-Historic and Natural Values “Kreševo”; Centre for Cultural Heritage “Međunarodni forum Bosna” (“International Forum Bosnia”) from Sarajevo; Ecological Association “Neolit” (“Neolithic”) from Sarajevo; NGO “Europlus” from Doboj; Organization for Development of Tourism of the Region “Rotor” from Doboj; the Jewish Community from Doboj; the Association of the Friends of Nature “Močvara” (“Swamp”) from Čapljina; Ecologocal Association “Lijepa naša” [“Our Beautiful” (Homeland)] from Čapljina.


The representatives of the non-governmental organizations expressed positive experience in identifying the funds for realization of their ideas, explained how they effectively prepared the projects and in the same manner effectively identified the organization which would recognize the project as a right one and allocate the funds for its realization. They provided information on the results of their work and the experience in identifying the impediment to more effective engagement in the field of protection of the heritage, and also gave recommendations to the effect of improvement of the system from its legal to the institutional framework, all with the aim to make their work in implementation of the project easier.


It was resolved that the Commission may be a partner in all the projects, which the non-governmental organizations want to propose. The Commission may support all and any of the projects, if it determines that the project really addresses the protection of the heritage and is in accordance with the Commission’s strategy. The Commission would, in scope of its possibilities, also assist in moulding the project and identifying its right target institution.


It was resolved that the representatives of 18 non-governmental institutions would draft a press release, which would request the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH to start the procedure necessary for adoption of the Law on Cultural Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina without any further delay; public discussion would also be organized within this press release.

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