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Meeting with Mr. Werner Wnendt, deputy High Representative


The meeting in the OHR in Sarajevo was held on 08 November 2004, at 10:00. The meeting was attended by Amra Hadžimuhamedović, Dubravko Lovrenović, Tina Wik, Zeynep Ahunbay, Mirela Mulalić Handan, Werner Wnendt and Una Jager, associate of the Ambassador Evgenij Efimov.


The following items were discussed:


OHR’s support to Commission’s work and drawing up of the Law on Protection of the Heritage at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina


It was resolved that the OHR take an active part in the process of drawing up of the draft text of the Law. The Commission would forward the draft text of the Law to the OHR for inspection, in order for the OHR to be able to decide on the ways of its support.


Implementation of the decisions of the Commission, namely, lack of implementation from the part of responsible authorities


It was resolved that the Commission officially address the High Representative in writing, regarding the Old Fort of Stolac, and enclose detailed documentation referring to obstruction of implementation of the Commission’s decision, in order to make possible for the High Representative to inspect the case and decide on necessary further steps.

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