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Projects of the Government of Italy on protection of cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Italian government attaches highest priority and interest in Cultural heritage preservation and finances and implements several programs and projects in this sector, both bilaterally or through international organizations. In BaH, in the last years Italy funded three important projects in the cultural heritage sector:


1. "Rehabilitation of two public buildings for social and health activities in Mostar"

Euro 2.055.213, started in 1999 (almost concluded), implemented by International Management Group (IMG).


The project has made the reconstruction of two of the most important Austro-Hungarian buildings in Mostar: Dom Zdravlja and Banja (Austro-Hungarian Baths).


Objective: rehabilitate Baths integrating elements from different culture, Islamic, North African and Spanish, considering the social function that such a building may have. The aim has been to reconstruct the baths respecting its original aspect and creating new facilities for disabled. A Physiotherapy Unit has been established into the bath to meet war disabled needs. The Centre, which occupies an area of over 1800 m2, offers very high quality hydrotherapy and physiotherapy services. In addition to the rehabilitation work, training activities are envisaged.


2. "Mostar Pilot Cultural Project"
3 million USD. Trust Fund with the World Bank (WB), which implemented the project. Concluded in 2004.


Objective: to facilitate ethnical reconciliation in Mostar through the valorisation of the common cultural heritage in order to facilitate social and economic development of the area. The project was implemented in three phases:


Phase 1: photogram metric analysis of the bridge and reconstruction project Phase 2: stone cut and bridge foundations Phase 3: bridge and towers reconstruction.


The bridge reconstruction was completed in December 2003 and the reconstruction of its towers has been completed in July 2004. An International Conference of Ministers of Culture of South-Eastern Europe and Italy on "Cultural heritage: a bridge to a shared future" was organized by the Italian Cooperation, UNESCO and WB in Mostar, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the bridge, on July 19`h 2004.


3. "Rehabilitation of the archaeological and thermal site Aquae Sestiae - Ilidza"
implemented by Politecnico di Torino - Euro 60.000 (Phase 1). Ongoing.


The project, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being executed through three phases.

The first phase, completed at the end of 2004, carried out aero-photogram-metric survey and analysis of the soil in order to define the new areas to be excavated.

The operational details of the second phase, aiming at preparing the intervention's actions based on the assessment of the excavated structures, are now under finalization.

The related activities will pave the way to achieve the goal of creating an Archaeological Thermal Park provided with adequate infrastructures to promote tourism and culture in the area. This will be achieved at the end of the third phase.


4. Linkages with other initiatives: the Italian Cooperation is now investing many energies in the thermal complex of Ilidza.

A big project (4 million Euro), aiming at the rehabilitation and psychological support to disabled minors and at the reconstruction of the thermal infrastructures, has been financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will be implemented by two Italian Regions (Emilia Romagna and Marche) and by International Management Group (IMG), as far as infrastructural reconstruction is concerned.


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