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Seminar on the implementation of the  Law on Regional Planning of the Federation of  BiH and the Law on Construction of the Federation of BiH


The Federal Ministry of Regional Planning and the Environment recently held a professional seminar on the implementation of the Law on Regional Planning (Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH no. 52/02) and the Law on Construction (Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH no. 55/02).  The seminar was held in Neum on 21 and 22 March 2003, and was attended by representatives of the federal, cantonal and municipal authorities responsible for regional planning, town planning and construction (ministries, authorities, inspectorates).


The seminar agenda included several lectures relating to the adoption and implementation of the Law on Regional Planning and the Law on Construction, their relation to other laws, the methodology of drafting regional planning documents, the role of the inspectorate in this field, and environmental issues (agenda attached).  The lectures were followed by discussion at which participants made proposals and suggestions and spoke of their experiences and problems in practice.


At the suggestion of the Chair of the Commission, Branka MekiŠ,  Asst. Exec. Officer, took part in the seminar with a brief presentation in which she outlined the status and responsibilities of the Commission pursuant to Annex 8 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace and the Decision of the Presidency of BiH, the way petitions are submitted, and the deadlines for ruling on them, and drew attention to certain provisions of the Law on the Implementation of Decisions of  the Commission to Preserve National Monuments (reading out the legal definitions of a national monument and of the rehabilitation of monuments, and listing the governmental bodies responsible for implementing the Commission's decisions).


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