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The meeting with directors of Museums, Archives and Galleries in BiH held on 10 November 2002.


Vesna Isabegović, director of the Museum of East Bosnia from Tuzla; Džafer Mahmutović, director of the Museum of Unsko-Sanski Canton from Bihać; Dragica Ćurčić, assistant manager of the Museum of Herzegovina from Trebinje; Astrida Bugarski, assistant manager of the Regional Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Lebiba Nametak Džeko, head of department of Ethnology of the Regional Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adnan Muftarević, curator for Archaeology of the Museum of Sarajevo; Zdravko Balta, expert associate of the Museum of City of Zenica; Dragana Sandić, secretary of the Museum of the Republika Srpska; Izet Šabotić, director of the Archives of Canton of Tuzla; Jasmina Hopić, director of the Cantonal Archives in Travnik; Šaban Zahirović, assistant manager of the Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sejdalija Gušić, director of the Historical Archives from Sarajevo; and Radenka Srndović, director of the Memorial Park Sutjeska were present in the meeting.


The Chairman and members of the Commission informed the audience about the authority (mandate) and work of the Commission, emphasizing transparency of work and acts of the Commission. The purpose of this meeting is improvement of legally imposed communication between the Commission and museums, archives and galleries, as institutions to keep and protect movable national heritage. Ways of communication and cooperation have been discussed in the meeting, and in terms of it, numerous ideas and suggestions have been put forward.


Criteria for designation of the property as National Monuments have been presented in the meeting as well as the form of the proposal for designation of the property as a national monument.


All the present have agreed that in the procedure of decision-making on designation of the property as a national monument the cooperation with museums, archives and galleries from Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Commission is indispensible, and confirmed that they shall, in compliance with law, enable associates of the Commission to pick up and gather necessary documentation, with corresponding compensation to cover costs of copying the material. On that occasion directors presented facts on difficult material position of those institutions, therefore limiting to low scales the conditions of offering technical assistance to the Commission, and suggested that the Commission within the framework of its mandate should influence improvement of such a situation.


Similarly, the issues of the legislation to regulate this performance in individual cantons, as well as the lack of professional and expert staff in the aforementioned institutions have been pointed out. Delegates of the institutions have announced that they will submit petitions for designation of movable property as National Monuments, in particular referring archives documentation.



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