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Sarajevo, February 13, 2014


Given the devastation of building of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular the premises housing the Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina that took place on 7th February 2014 the Commission to Preserve National Monuments with regret informs the public that, upon extinguishing the fire and inspection into the damage incurred, the following archive records were destroyed:

1. Provincial Government 1878-1902 (presidential, confidential I.B, CIA,) 230 boxes destroyed;
2. In the depot 1, room A of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Archive, located on the ground floor of the Building of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, eight archive shelves were destroyed, holding the records from the Austrian Archive, which are the following:
2.1. Administrative Archive Vienna
2.1.1. The Ministry of Agriculture 1918; document 1, folders 1;
2.1.2. Federal Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Vienna; folders 1;
2.1.3. Austrian Ministry of Religion and Education 1893-1918; folders 3;
2.1.4. The Minister of Interior, 1880-1920; boxes 5, folders 2;
2.1.5. The Ministry of Justice, 1880-1917; boxes 5, folders 2, books 1;
2.1.6. The Ministry of Public Works, 1908; folders 1;
2.1.7. Transportation Archive Vienna-Bosnian Railroads, 1888-1895; folders 15, packages 6;
2.1.8. Family archive Hochenberg – Vienna;
2.2. War time archive Vienna:
2.2.1. Emperor’s and Kings’ General for Bosnia and Herzegovina 1915-1918; folders 3;
2.2.2. The Military Architectural Department; folders 1, books 5;
2.2.3. The Garrison Court Sarajevo 1910-1918; folders 1;
2.2.4. The Court of Trebinje’s fort 1914-1916, folders 2;
2.2.5. The Garrison Court Mostar 1886-1915; folders 1
2.2.6. The Military – Boys’ Boarding School Sarajevo 1897-1918; folders 1;
2.2.7. The Old Military Records (Alte Feldakten) 1834-1888; boxes 7, microfilms 83 roll;
2.2.8. The Books on the Land Measurement Data and Geodetic Maps; folders 4, boxes 9, books 98;
2.2.9. The Military Architectural Directorate Trebinje, Military Command Zagreb and others. 1913-1918; folders 1;
2.2.10. The Military Architectural Section of the XV Corps 1918; folders 2;
2.2.11. The Military Architectural Department in Mostar; folders 1, books 2;
2.2.12. The Treasury Book,1919, the Book of the Military Facilities Administration, the warehouse conditions, GVD; books 3;
2.2.13. The Architectural Directorate, engineering department, and other military facilities in Sarajevo; 1914-1918; books 13;
2.2.14. The Commanding General and the Provincial Head in Bosnia and Herzegovina; folders 1;
2.2.15. Trial process against Gavrilo Princip and others; boxes 3, folders 5;
3. Copies of the Journal of the Commanding General and the Head of the Provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stjepan Sarkotic 1914-1925; destroyed entirely, 8 boxes;
4. The Fund of the BiH Directorate for Tobacco Production in Sarajevo, 1881-1922; 40 boxes destroyed;
5. The Main Board of the National Council from 1918; destroyed entirely (3 boxes)
6. The People’s Government of the National Council 1918-1919; Destroyed entirely (36 boxes);
7. The Provincial Government (presidential) 1919-1921; 100 boxes destroyed;
8. The District Government for Bosnia and Herzegovina (presidential) 1921-1924; 80 boxes destroyed;
9. The Great Župan (Administrator) of District Sarajevo Prefect (presidential). 1923-1929; 80 boxes destroyed
10. The Royal Ban’s Administration over the Drina Banovina, pov, pov DZ, 1929-1941; 60 boxes destroyed;
11. The Commission of Poglavnik 1941-1942; 50 boxes destroyed;
12. The Great Parish of the Vrhbosna 1941-1945; 70 boxes destroyed;
13. The Personal Bureau of the Main Ustasha residence 1941; 12 boxes destroyed;
14. The Bosnian Congress 1910-1914 destroyed entirely (10 boxes);
15. Boxes and folders from the Period of Austro Hungarian Rule (Military, Education, Religion, Informers, Possession Data) entirely destroyed (3 shelves);
16. The Constitutional Court – Human Rights Chamber, destroyed approximately;
16.1. The Official Gazette of the National Unity 1929-1941.

3. In the depot 1, the room B, of the Bosnian and Herzegovina Archive located on the ground floor of the BiH Presidency, the following was destroyed:
3.1. The Collection of Purchase and Gifts, 30 boxes destroyed;
3.2. The Collection of Photographs of the crimes committed by occupiers and collaborators, partially damaged;
3.3. The Officials Dossiers 1878-1945; 300 boxes destroyed;
3.4. Sarajevo District Area (general and presidential) 1878 -1918; 280 boxes destroyed;
3.5. The Provincial Government (presidential) 1917; 50 boxes destroyed;
3.6. The Provincial government (presidential) 1918; 10 boxes destroyed;
3.7. Joint Ministry of Finance – Department for Bosnia and Herzegovina (Gemeinsames Finanz-ministerium – Abteilung für die Angelegenheiten Bosniens und der Herzegovina) – Vienna (1878—1918), general and confidential records, books 575, boxes 2657, folders 938;
3.8. The collection of maps (1880-1985), 47 pieces destroyed;
3.9. Apart from aforementioned, there are also Protocol Books, general and confidential records, registers of names and subjects, the code books, dial books, but due to the inability to access them, the level of damage is not yet determined.

4. The following documentation held in the Depot 1, room C, suffered partial damage due to extinguishing of fire in the neighbouring areas:
4.1. The Provincial Commission for Investigating Crimes Committed by Occupiers and Their Collaborators,– Sarajevo (1944-1947); 1944/1947: books 27, boxes 366, notebooks 110;
4.2. The Provincial Commission for Investigating War Damage of People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina– Sarajevo 1945-1950; 1945/1946, books 8, boxes 27;
4.3. The Supreme Sharia Court for Bosnia and Herzegovina– Sarajevo (1879-1946); 1879/1946:, 50 books, 514 boxes;
4.4. The Sharia Judicial School 1887.-1945; boxes 70;
4.5. The Earth Museums of Bosnia and Herzegovina– Sarajevo (1888-); (1884-1887) 1888/1968: books 40, boxes 96, folders 15;
4.6. The Labour Movement, box;
4.7. Societies 1878-1918, boxes 18;
4.8. The Communist Processes.
4.9. Personal Funds
4.9.1. Enver Redzic, Sulejman Redzic, Fadia Redzic, Iska Sadikovic;
4.9.2. Budimlici Sarajevo; books 10, folders 2;
4.9.3. Hadzi-Risto Todorovic – Hadziristici Sarajevo; 1796/1908, folders 21;
4.9.4. Jelici Sarajevo; 1797-1906: folders 10;
4.9.5. Fufici Travnik; 1822-1879, folders 1.

We remind the public that the records concerned, pursuant to the Annex 8 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Law on Implementation of Decisions of the Commission in the Federation BiH (“FBiH Official Gazette”, no br. 2/02, 27/02, 6/04 i 51/07), were subjected to the process of designation as national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to their immeasurable documentary and historical values for Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the basis of conducted inquiry in relation to the extent of caused devastation of the building of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Commission has decided to inscribe it on the List of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Danger.

The Commission expects the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to offer material, financial and other assistance for the sake of reparation of inflicted damage and to introduce the coordination of all institutions for the protection of cultural heritage to prevent further devastation of the remains, as well as to unable any unauthorised entry in the premises of the Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments

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