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Press conference following the 5th session


The Chairman Dubravko Lovrenović acquainted journalists with the solution for accommodation of the Commission and pointed out that Secretariat had been completed, with Executive Officer at the head.

The Chairman informed the journalists about conclusions of the Commission:

1.       Seven decisions were adopted to designate the following properties as national monuments:

·   The historic site of the Mediaeval Royal Castle of Bobovac, Vareš municipality, FBiH

·   The historic site of the Boljuni necropolis of tombstones I and II, Stolac municipality, FBiH

·   The historic site of the necropolis of stećci at Radimlja near Stolac, FBiH

·   The archaeological site of Gabela near Čapljina, FBiH

·   The archaeological site of the late-antique villa of Mogorjelo off Čapljina, FBiH

·   The historic site of the Monastery Žitomislić, Mostar-Jug municipality, FBiH

·   The museum and assembly rooms of the National Anti-fascist Council of the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH) in Mrkonjić-Grad, RS

2.       It was decided that, in all cases of deliberately neglected monuments form the Provisional List of National Monuments, it should be the obligation of the Commission to notify the authorities in charge (Entities’ Government, the competent Ministries for Construction/Architecture Heritage and Culture, Institutions for protection of monuments, prosecutors in charge) thereof and to demand that measures imposed by low should be taken, including bringing criminal charges for taking legal proceedings.


 The media were also informed of the meeting with directors of the archives, museums and galleries and of the visit to Jajce municipality and the actions being taken to protect and reconstruct cultural monuments in this Municipality.He pleaded that Entities and State institutions should solve the status of museums, archives and galleries for longer term because of their unbearable material position.

Good cooperation with Municipality Jajce was pointed out, as well as its efficient engagement on protection of Monuments. However, it is noticeable that town core was endangered with inappropriate treatment, therefore the Commission would reprimand the Municipality officials and services. Zeynep Ahunbay emphasized that the Commission required the mayor of Jajce to have older documents and the regulation plan of town of Jajce revised.

Members of the Commission answered the queries put regarding the measures to be taken by the Commission on protection of Monuments from the Provisional List on National Monuments and other endangered Monuments, on funding projects to protect Monuments and the procedure of designation.


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