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Press conference following the 4th session


Commission Chair Ljiljana Ševo acquainted journalists with the formation, authorization and operations of the Commission to date and provided basic information on the formation of the Commission and its Secretariat, the Provisional List of National Monument, the Criteria for the adoption of decisions to designate a property as a national monument, the forms to be used for petitions, the meeting with institutes and religious communities, the content of the Commission's website and other ways in which the work of the Commission is made public, the adoption of a decision to designate the AVNOJ centre in Jajce and the Hadžišabanović villa in Pale as national monuments, details of the threats to the Mehmed-paša Sokolović bridge in Višegrad and the Turhan Emin-beg mosque in Ustikolina, the initiation of the procedure to designate the historic site of Bobovac as a national monument, and of visits by members of the Commission to Mostar-South, Čapljina and Stolac municipalities.

The journalists are pointed out to inappropriate restoration works on the devastated monuments. Especially the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and entities stress the importance of carrying out the appropriate activities on the preservation of the cultural monuments.

The problem of providing the office spaces for the Commission, as a precondition for the efficient work of the Secretariat, has been stressed.

The Commission members answered the questions related to the Commission work, the way of establishing of Secretariat, and provide some expert explanations related to the definitions about protection of the monuments.


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