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The meeting at the Municipality Ljubinje was held on 24 January 2003 beginning at 12:00 hours. In addition to members of the Commission, Ambassador Vadim Kuznetsov, Vice High Representative and Senior Advisor in OHR attended the meeting, as well as Vukašin Popović, Vice President of Municipality; Risto Perišić, head of economy matters; Milivoje Ćorović, member of municipality board for matters of culture; Pero Turanjin, chef of Regional Cadastre Unit; Drago Karalić, Orthodox priest at Ljubinje and Kosta Odović, head of municipality administration being also present at the meeting.

Members of the Commission acquainted the present with authorizations, ways and procedures of work and the procedure for submission of proposals for designation of the property as the National Monument, as well as the implementation of the decisions. The commitment of obeying legal regulations thereupon all monuments from the Provisional List of National Monuments enjoy the highest scale of protection being binding for Entity Ministry as the institution authorized for issuing permits for the rehabilitation was emphasized in particular. The attendees were also informed on the activities of the Commission regarding national monuments threatened by unauthorized building, unprofessional reconstruction, the lack of maintenance and by other forms of destruction.

Ways and forms of cooperation were precisely stated. Municipality President and his officials confirmed that they should cooperate with members of the Commission and Secretariat in compliance with regulations. It was stated that the professional associates from Secretariat be given any the necessary information from the municipal Cadastre, Land Books, archives and existing spatial planning documentation to be indispensable for them whilst preparing documentation for decision-making on designation of the property as the National Monument. Municipality shall provide the associates of the Commission with the assistance at inspection at the site of Monument, at identification of any possible additional sources of information on the property as well.

All decisions of the Commission shall be transmitted to municipality courts to register the plots in the Land Registers according to the decision of the Commission. The municipality courts shall successively transmit the relevant data to the Municipal Authorities in charge of land registry affairs, so that each cadastre plot shall be inscribed the information of the regime of protection into the Cadastre Plan.

The representatives of the Municipality were interested in funding rehabilitation of national monuments (the Municipality used its own resources on the rehabilitation of the old municipal building). They were informed by members of the Commission that the Commission had no funds to allocate for such purposes, but was able to contact authorized State and entity institutions and recommend allocation of funds for certain monuments.

 After the meeting, the locality at the site of Municipality Ljubinje – the Church of Mother of God's Birth, old municipality building, necropolis of stećak tombstones, burial Church of knez Vlad Bijelić at Vlahovići consecrated to Knez Lazar, the place of old mosque at Ljubinje and the necropolis of stećak tombstones Ubosko were visited.

At the site of Municipality Ravno, the Commission visited the Monastery Church at Zavala.




              The meeting at Municipality
Trebinje was held on 25th January 2003, starting at 09:00 hours. In addition to members and associates of the Commission, Mihajlo Mijanović, head of municipality; Marko Bešenj, assistant head of municipality for legal matters; Rajko Vulić, Republic Administration for geodetic and property-rights matters (Cadastre); Branislav Vasković, department for spatial regulation; Obrad Raičević, acting as Attorney and Đorđe Odavić, the Museum of Herzegovina, attended the meeting.

After the meeting, the locality was visited at the site of Municipality Trebinje – the Mosque Kotezima, old gymnasium building, the Church of Transfiguration (Preobraženje Gospodnje), the Catholic Cathedral of Holy Virgin, Emperor’s Mosque, the Bridge of Arslanagićes, Aranđelovo – the Church of Archangel Michael, Mostaći – the Old Bridge, Mostaći Settlement, Mostaći – the Tower of Hadžiahmetovićes, Strujići – the Church of St. Varvara, Teleža – the Church of Holy Sunday and Taleža – the necropolis of stećak tombstones.


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