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Meeting in Municipality Jajce was held on 11 Nov. 2002 at 17:00. Besides members of the Commission, there were present in the meeting: Branko Čavar, head of Municipality; Dunja Lučić, manager of the Services of Construction/Building, Urbanism, Physical Regulation, Surveyors, Cadastre and Property-Rights Relations; Alija Zaćiragić and Josip Nikolić, professional associates. 

- Members of the Commission acquainted the present with mandate, procedures and rules of performance of the Commission. Liability to comply with the regulations on the basis of which all monuments on the Provisional List of National Monuments benefit from the highest scale regime of protection, according to which Entities’ Ministry is authorized to issue the permit for their rehabilitation.

- Ways and forms of cooperation were stated precisely. Head of Municipality and his officials confirmed that they would cooperate with members of the Commission and Secretariat in compliance with law. In proceedings prior to decision-making, professional associates in the Commission Secretariat shall be provided on request with all relevant data from Municipality Cadastre, Cadastre (Land) Register, archives and available physical planning documentation. Municipal officials shall provide assistance at inspection on site, and at any additional sources of information on the property as well.

- All Decisions by the Commission shall be forwarded to Municipal Courts to carry out administration throughout land-registry lots, which comes out from decision by the Commission, thereafter forwarding relevant data to Municipality Cadastre services in order to register the scale regime of protection for any c.p. (cadastre plots) into cadastre plan.

After the meeting, a tour of inspection was taken of localities in the area of Municipality Jajce – of Mills on the Pliva, Catacombs, Church of St. Marija with Belfry of St. Luka in Jajce, Citadel (Fort), Gate to Banjaluka, Gate to Travnik, Bear Tower, Mosque of Esma Sultan, Mosque of Šamićes, Mosque of Sinan-bey (Okića), Mosque of Ibrahim-bey, Drinking-fountain of Hafizadićes and the Temple of God Mithras.


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