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September 06, 2002, 10:30 A.M.


Beside members of the Commission and associates, Vjekoslav Kordić, chief of the municipality, Marinko Mihić, a representative of the cadastre department and Antonija Jurišić, leader of the reconstruction department, attended the meeting.

The visit to the monastery Žitomislići is made after the meeting.



September 06, 2002, 12:00 A.M.


Beside members of the Commission and associates, Stjepan Pažin, leader of the Cadastre department and Irena Bakalar, leader of the property-legal department, attended the meeting.

Stjepan Pažin will forward all the Commission’s requests, related to the issuing of documents from the deed registry, to the authorized Court in Čapljina. Commission’s decisions he will forward to the Court and Department for the reconstruction and architecture in order to load the parcels where the buildings from the List are located.

After the meeting the monuments located on the territory of the municipality of Čapljina are visited (Počitelj, Mogorjelo, Church of Saint Franjo Asiški in Čapljina, Church of Saint Stjepan with the small chapel and cemetery in Gabela and ruins of the Old Town with mosque in Gabela).



September 07, 2002, 10:00 A.M.


Beside members of the Commission and associates Željko Obradović, chief of the municipality, Ivica Perić, leader of the reconstruction department, Zvonko Perić and Miroslav Palameta attended the meeting.

After the meeting the monuments located on the territory of the municipality of Stolac are visited (Čaršija's mosque, Hadji Alija Hadžisalihović's mosque, Remains of the Podgradska mosque, Remains of the Begovina, Remains of Đulhanuma's house, Ensemble Ada, Church of Saint Ilija with Roman remains in the backyard, Church of the Christ Resurrection, mosque of the family Šarić, Turkish bath on the bridge, Aiša Rizvanbegović's house, water mills, house of the family Šarić, house of the family Turković, Žujo's house, necropolis Boljuni, Church of Saint Petar and Pavle in Ošanići and remains of the Orthodox Church of Saint Nikola in Trijebnje)




1.       At the meetings with the representatives of the municipalities of Mostar-South, Čapljina and Stolac, members of the Commission informed about the way and rules of the Commission’s operation and the Criteria for proclamation of the property as a national monument, and they submitted the petition form for proclamation of the property as national monument to the chiefs of the municipalities.

2.       The obligations of the obey on the Law regulations according to which all the monuments on the Provisional list of the national monuments have the highest level of the protection and entity ministry is responsible for issuing permits for their rehabilitation have been particularly stressed.

3.       The ways and forms of cooperation were agreed. Municipality chiefs and their associates confirmed that they would cooperate with the members of the Commission and Secretariat in accordance with the Law. The expert associates from the Commission Secretariat on the request will be given, during the preparation of the documents for Commission’s decision, all necessary information from the municipality cadastre, deed books archives and existing physical planning documents. Municipality officials shall also assist them during inspection on the spot, as well as during establishment of the possible additional information resources on the property.

4.       All Commission decisions shall be forwarded to the municipality courts, that will charge the parcels in the deed book based on the Commission’s decision, and the municipality courts shall then forward necessary information to the municipality cadastre departments in order to record data on the protection measures for any cadastre point in the cadastre plan.



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