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60th session - Decisions

Building at 4 Srpskih oslobodilaca Brckog Street 
Location - Brčko

Building with garret at Bosko Peric Pesa`s Square 
Location - Brčko

City Assembly Building 
Location - Sarajevo

Gymnasium building 
Location - Derventa

Land Bank 
Location - Brčko

Municipal Court Building 
Location - Foča

Municipality building 
Location - Foča

Napredak Building 
Location - Sarajevo

National Museum 
Location - Sarajevo

Zabrdje - Branch Church of St. Leopold B. Mandic and Religious Service Hall 
Location - Kotor Varoš

Zabrdje - Cemetery Chapel at "Spasovo" Cemetery 
Location - Kotor Varoš

Zakovo - Church of St. John 
Location - Trebinje

Zakovo - Church of St. Stephen 
Location - Trebinje

Zecovi (town) 
Location - Prijedor

Zgonjevo - Poljice - Church of St.Andrew 
Location - Trebinje

Zudojevici - Ruins of the church of St.Ignat (Malesevka) 
Location - Trebinje

Zvecaj - Ruins of The Old Town and a Fortress 
Location - Banja Luka

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