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60th session - Decisions

Church of Christ's Assumption 
Location - Stolac

Clock Tower 
Location - Stolac

Clock Tower 
Location - Tešanj

Judge`s chair - Hercegovo vrelo 
Location - Gacko

Medieval Old Town - Bjelaj (Bilaj) 
Location - Bosanski Petrovac

Memorial complex - Gradina 
Location - Bosanska Gradiška / Gradiška

Memorial Complex - Tjentište 
Location - Foča

Monastery of Good Hearts Nuns, with a school building 
Location - Banja Luka

Monastery of the Christ's Blood Worshipper Nuns with Church - Bosanski Aleksandrovac 
Location - Laktaši

Monastery of the Crist Blod Worshipper Nuns with Church - Nova Topola 
Location - Bosanska Gradiška / Gradiška

Old Municipality building 
Location - Ljubinje

Old Serbian Primary school 
Location - Banja Luka

Old town of Blagaj 
Location - Bosanski Novi / Novi Grad

Ottoman clock-tower 
Location - Livno

Residential building "Becarska" 
Location - Breza

Residential Building "Cinovnicka" 
Location - Breza

Residential building at 16 Milana Cvijanovica Street 
Location - Brčko

Residential-business building at 1 Pavla Gajica Street 
Location - Brčko

Residential-business building at 24 Jovana Ducica Street 
Location - Brčko

Residential-business building at Bosko Peric Pesa`s Square 
Location - Brčko

Residential-business building on the corner of Srpskih oslobodilaca Brckog and Dr.Dusana Milosevica streets 
Location - Brčko

Samica Mosque (Hadzi Muharem's) 
Location - Jajce

Sarajevo Brewery 
Location - Sarajevo

Sargovac - Petričevac - Branch Church 
Location - Banja Luka

Sase - Domavia Fortress 
Location - Srebrenica

Sasina - Sasina Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Birth 
Location - Sanski Most

Sebilj Fountain 
Location - Sarajevo

Sinan-bey's Mosque 
Location - Goražde

Slatina - Object of well of thermal waters in Slatina park 
Location - Laktaši

Slatina - Spa buildings 
Location - Laktaši

Sokolac - Church of St. Elias 
Location - Sokolac

Sokoline - Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Assumption and Parish House 
Location - Kotor Varoš

Sokol`s house 
Location - Banja Luka

Sokol`s House 
Location - Bijeljina

Srbac - Church of Cover of the Holy Mother 
Location - Srbac

Stapari, Razboj - Church of the Transfiguration of Christ 
Location - Srbac

Stara Rijeka - Parish Church of St. Antun Pustinjak 
Location - Sanski Most

Staro Slano - Stecak necropolis Staro Slano 1 
Location - Trebinje

Location - Bugojno

Stričići - Village and cultural lanscape 
Location - Banja Luka

Strpci - Log Cabin Church 
Location - Rudo

Strujici - Prehistoric graves 
Location - Trebinje

Strupnić - Ljubunčić - Branch Church 
Location - Livno

Symphony orchestra 
Location - Mostar

The Old Town - Čavnik 
Location - Bužim

The Old Town Otoka 
Location - Bosanska Krupa

The Old Town Pecigrad 
Location - Cazin

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