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60th session - Decisions

Debeljaci - Presnaće - Chapel and Cemetery of St. Jacob 
Location - Banja Luka

Dervisi - Budzak - Chapel of the Lady of Lourdes  
Location - Banja Luka

Dobromani - Prehistoric fortress and graves 
Location - Trebinje

Dobrun - Orthodox Church and Monastery of Annunciation 
Location - Višegrad

Dolac - Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Assumption 
Location - Travnik

Dolac - Turbe of Ibrahim the old man 
Location - Travnik

Doline - Branch Church 
Location - Prnjavor

Domasevo- Ljubomir - Ruins of St.George`s church 
Location - Trebinje

Domasevo- Ljubomir - Ruins of St.Peter`s church 
Location - Trebinje

Domasevo-Musici - Stecak necropolis Durdeva crkva 
Location - Trebinje

Donja Dubica - Church of Holy Mother 
Location - Odžak

Donja Ravska - Ravska - Branch Church 
Location - Prijedor

Donje Vrbno - Church of St.John 
Location - Trebinje

Donje Vrbno - School building 
Location - Trebinje

Donji Turani - Church of St.Stephen 
Location - Trebinje

Dragljevo - Prehistoric fortress Strazevica 
Location - Berkovići

Drazin Do - Prehistoric fortress Gradac 
Location - Trebinje

Drenova - Branch Church 
Location - Prnjavor

Dubljani - Church of St.George (Holly Mary's Birth) 
Location - Trebinje

Dubnica-Rudine - Brkic Cemetery Necropolis 
Location - Kalesija

Dubocani - Church of Christ`s Ascention  
Location - Trebinje

Duratovci - Cemetery Chapel of St. Elias the Prophet and cemetery 
Location - Kotor Varoš

Health care Centre 
Location - Foča

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