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60th session - Decisions

Balagija (Balaguša) mosque with burial ground and courtyard, the architectural ensemble  
Location - Livno

Bank on the Obala [Embankment] (formerly a branch of the Austro-Hungarian Bank), the historic monument  
Location - Sarajevo

Batal's grave in Turbe near Travnik, the archaeological site  
Location - Travnik

Baths in Ilidža mahala (residential quarter) in Gornji Šeher, the architectural spa ensemble  
Location - Banja Luka

Baščaršija (Havadža Durak) mosque, the historic building  
Location - Sarajevo

Beglučka (Lala-pasha, Mustafa-pasha, Beglek) mosque, the architectural ensemble 
Location - Livno

Begovina, the architectural residential ensemble  
Location - Stolac

Behram-bey or Behram-efendi mosque (architectural ensemble)  
Location - Banja Luka

Bijela (White) mosque, the architectural ensemble  
Location - Sarajevo

Blagaj, the historic urban area  
Location - Mostar

Blatačko lake with part of the Rakitnica River canyon, prehistoric burial mounds, necropolis with stećak and nišan tombstones, a village of Blace, cultural landscape 
Location - Konjic

Brusa bezistan (Rustem Pasha bezistan, Small bezistan) with shops, the architectural ensemble  
Location - Sarajevo

Burić house in Jajce, the site and remains of the historic monument 
Location - Jajce

Ramparts and bastions of the Old Town of Jajce, the historic site  
Location - Jajce

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