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VIRTUAL EXHIBITION - Cultural Memory – A Vanishing Treasure

Stari grad Stolac, historijsko područje

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Panorama of Stolac with Old town
Plan and axonometric plan of Stolac Old town
Map of Stolac Old town with surroundings
View at Old town from north-west
Old town, Podgradska mosque and Bregava river
Stolac from old postcard
View at Old town from north
Ramparts of Old town
The main entrance in Old town
One of the towers on Lower town
Remains of the Tvrđava mosque - mihrab
Details of mihrab
Access road and entrance in Middle town
Entrance portal of the Middle town
Entrance of the Middle town, view from inside
Middle and Upper town, photo from 2002
Loopholes on Stolac Old town
Middle and Upper town of Stolac Old town, old photo
The wall of Upper town from outside
Upper town of Stolac Old town, photo from 2002
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