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Seven houses in the village of Vranci - a mediaeval miners’ and blacksmiths’ village, the architectural ensemble

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Village of Vranci, archival photo Protection zonesHouse no. 1House no. 1
House no. 1, roof covering House no. 1House no. 1, roof construction House no. 1, interior
House no. 1, detail of the door House no. 2House no. 2House no. 2, interior
House no. 3House no. 3House no. 4House no. 4
House no. 4, cellar House no. 5House no. 5House no. 5, detail
House no. 5, detailHouse no. 5, roof construction House no. 6House no. 6 at archival photo
House no. 6House no. 6House no. 6, doorHouse no. 6, roof
House no. 6, interiorHouse no. 6, roof constructionHouse no. 7House no. 7 at archival photo
House no. 7, past and present condition House no. 7  

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